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Car Rental

Car Rental – Agungrent is offers various kinds of car rental options. Various types of vehicles offered include luxury vehicles, passenger vehicles, logistics vehicles and utility vehicles.

Various types of vehicles you can choose from include:
1. Luxury Car
car rental

This type of car is usually a small car or sedan. This car is suitable for those of you who want to enjoy maximum comfort while traveling.

2. Passanger Car
car rental

There are other options for this type of car. Agungrent car rental offers large MPV, medium MPV, small MPV, SUV and semi SUV models with different models. Many options can be tailored based on individual needs and preferences. But what is clear is that no matter what option you choose, any car can still give a sense of comfort.

3. Commercial vehicles
Car Rental

If you need a car for business purposes, there are two types. The first type is the Blind Van type which is suitable for shipping or transporting small products. However, if you need space for goods, Agungrent also offers trucks such as CDD or CDE. If your business needs a vehicle that can travel long distances, this type of vehicle is worth choosing. Apart from this, heavy vehicles can be used on roads with limited terrain. You can choose heavy vehicles and light vehicles according to your needs.

Long or short term Periode

Which one will you choose? Agungrent offers various company car rental services, namely long and short term car rentals. This service is provided to meet your needs and support your business operations. So, what’s the difference between long-term and short-term car rentals? Which services should you choose for your business needs? 

Long Term

Long term car rental is a service provided with a long rental period. The lease agreement may vary with a minimum lease of one year. If your business needs a vehicle for its daily operations, you should choose a long-term service. You don’t have to hesitate if one day your car encounters a problem. Of course, the rental agreement includes 24-hour service, insurance and access to a replacement car.

Short Term

On the other hand, if the business needs a flexible car rental service, it is better to choose a short-term car rental service. The options you can choose from include renting a car by the month, week, day or even hourly.

So Before Renting

First decide what type of lease you want to use based on your business needs. For example, if your business is a commercial business, you should choose a long-term rental service. Because every day you need a company car that works for professional travel. On the other hand, if a car is needed for Yamu pickup and dropoff or event gathering, then you should choose a short term car rental service.

Join As Our Partner

As a corporate car rental service provider, Agungent Car Rental does not only offer short or long term rental services. Agungrent also offers chauffeur services and fleet management services, so it’s easy for you to plan the type of rental you can use. For more information about company car rental, you can click on or follow our social media on @agungrent.





Agungrent - Solusi Tepat Mobilitas Korporasi Anda

Agungrent adalah perusahaan penyedia jasa transportasi. Layanan Agungrent mencakup penyewaan kendaraan, logistics & trucking, dan pengelolaan jasa pengemudi.

Agungrent sudah beroperasi lebih dari 25 tahun. Saat ini Agungrent mengelola kendaraan di salah satu perusahaan Fortune 500 & didukung oleh pusat layanan pelanggan yang cepat tanggap.

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